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Simon Kozhin. Storage requirements, watercolors, pastels, engravings
Storage requirements, watercolors, pastels, engravings
Storage requirements, watercolors, pastels, engravings: the temperature and humidity conditions: 12-25 C at a relative humidity of 40-60% (for pastels 18-20 C at a humidity of 50-55%), the maximum illuminance 150 lux (for pastels 30 - 50 lux) light force of over 100 candles (100W incandescent or 20W fluorescent lamp) must be placed no closer than one meter from the object (200 candles - about 2 meters, etc.) (for pastels better not to use artificial lighting) invalid direct sunlight not very favorable ultraviolet and infrared radiation, anti-reflective glass protects the picture from this radiation paintings must be protected from moisture extremely harmful swings in temperature and humidity Do not store for long without a frame and glass (dust from pastels virtually removed) Make out the picture using the mat, it provides the necessary layer between painting and glass, which ensures conservation of paintings, maintaining and improving the micro-climate of preservation Store in a well ventilated area Tips on caring for watercolors, prints: The first method is the care of watercolors, pastels, engravings is that as soon as possible to put them under the anti-reflective glass and inserted into the frame. When you remove the dust must be observed great caution. You can delete only a light, loosely adhering dust, more thorough cleaning should be entrusted to a specially prepared by the restorer. Removing dust is better to make an easy blowing away the fur or better yet, collecting dust vacuumed. If it is not possible, use a large, very soft brush Barsukov (fleyts). What else rags, especially wet, under no circumstances shall not be permitted for such work. Removal of soot requires the work of restorers, and any attempt to remove them in place are not allowed.