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Simon Kozhin. Fifteen Tips from the collector
Fifteen Tips from the collector
Fifteen Tips from the collector 1. Purchase only what you like and listen to the intuition. 2. conclude a contract when buying the product, it will help in the future, for the insurance product. 3. Do not buy the product just because it is expensive. You can not blindly use of top auction sales. 4. Buy the product on certain auctions. Not always price in the auction is the highest. But at the provenance of the work will be good. 5. Do not buy the works of famous artists through the Internet on small auctions United States and Europe. 6. Check the available expert opinion. 7. If in any doubt better to abandon the purchase. 8. Collect the eyes rather than the ears. (Expert opinion is not always justified in the future) 9. Grow your vision in absolute benchmark. Read about the subject of his collecting as much as possible: collect books, catalogs, memoirs. 10. The artistic value and the value of the works often do not coincide. Do not yield rarities due prelstitelnoy prices: they are priceless. 11. Do not give in to short-term developments. Be able to assess the prospects. Pay more expensive than others, it is very rewarding. 12. Come on product exhibitions, for publication. This will bring additional benefits and make good fame collector. (The works can be insured for the duration of the exhibition) 13. The contents of his collection in order: it will pay triple. 14. Try to buy even trifling works of beloved author. 15. The measure of the quality of the collection are the best and the worst product. Get rid of the worst, to raise the bar top. The main value of the collection - its integrity.