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Simon Kozhin. Packing and transportation
Packing and transportation
Before sending, we check the stretch of the canvas and knock out wedges if necessary. We put the picture on the table. We cut off the sheet of tracing paper slightly larger than the size of the picture, put on the front side and put on the corners triangular pockets of triple-rolled squares of tracing paper 20 x 20 cm, we fix it with tape - this will protect the surface of the picture from sticking, prints and dust. Scotch tape should only touch tracing paper! We cut off 2 sheets of corrugated cardboard about the size of the picture plus the sidewalls, wrap the ends and fasten it with tape - we get a cardboard box that fits the picture tightly. We intercept another cross for fidelity. In two or three layers, carefully wrap the resulting cardboard box with packaging (not kitchen!) Film - this ensures the safety of the painting in case water gets into the box. On top we attach an envelope for a certificate of authenticity, a contract for the sale of a painting, a commercial invoice, a sheet with an appeal to the collector with an autograph, etc. We wrap it in three layers with bubble wrap and protect the corners with corrugated cardboard - to absorb possible shocks when the box is shaken at the time of shipment. From the upper end we make a handle from adhesive tape for conveniently extracting the picture from the box. The resulting package should go into the box tightly without any play - neither excessive pressure, nor bumpiness. The box is necessarily plywood, then there will be no possible claims of phyto-sanitary control. The sides of the box must be sanded, inscribed with the words FRAGILE (plus in the language of the country of destination, if the country is not English) and indicate how and from which side the box should be opened. The total dimensions - 120 x 98 x 18 cm, 12 kg of physical weight. Delivery by EMS, Parcel Force, UPS, DHL worldwide.