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Simon Kozhin. Rent of pictures
Rent of pictures
Rent of pictures How can I rent a picture: Virtually any picture presented in our gallery Kozhin Fine Art, can be rented for a while. Go to the point - the rental price is: - 7% of the sale price of the painting for a month of rent (at a painting price of up to 200 thousand rubles). - 4% of the sale price of the painting for a month of rent (at a painting price of 201 thousand rubles). Is it possible to rent for less than a month? Yes, it is possible (for specific events or interior shooting), but the rental rate will be higher - 2% of the sale price of the painting for the day of rent. The cost of rent does not include the cost of delivery and installation and insurance. What are the suitable cases for renting paintings? 1. For temporary registration of premises (VIP meeting room in the office, hall for a solemn event, charity evening, for reception in a private house, hotel lobby, beauty salon, restaurant, etc.) 2. In cases, if you are in doubt - to buy "this" or "that" picture. Rent, live with this picture in one space, feel - it suits you or not. In the event that you decide to buy a painting, the rental price is deducted from the sale price of the painting. 3. Rent with subsequent redemption of paintings - in fact buying a picture on credit. Instead of a large one-time payment, you pay 4-7% of the cost of painting a month. As the aggregate amount of rent payments reaches the sale value of the picture, we draw up a contract for the sale of the painting and count the rent payments paid for this new contract. 4. For interior shootings (design bureaus, photo studios, film studios, theaters)