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Simon Kozhin. Sale of paintings and high-quality images
Sale of paintings and high-quality images
Painting - unusual view of life We suggest you use the services of a professional artist. Landscapes for interior design of your organization. (Rooms, reception, lounges, lobbies, corridors, offices, conference rooms). Still Life and author panel as a gift to your partners Printed for your clients (prints on paper and canvas, leaflets with paintings Seeds Kozhin, calendars, books) We have a database of images available on the author's rights. These images can be used for calendars, booklets, books, or in advertising your organization. Ever since prehistoric times, paintings associated in the mind with the installation to be successful. It was believed that the drawings on the walls of caves altamirskoy guarantee success in the real hunt. Rooted at the genetic level, the memory of the positive influence of mythological painting has survived to the present day. Like a talisman of art is to bring good luck. And so, from the ancient times people decorated halls of palaces, offices, living rooms. Painting We offer our customers to choose the theme and size compositions. Will depend on the size of the project cost and timing of each blade. panel Manufacture posters, giclee, canvas seriography edition of 100 pieces with a single image (you can choose an exclusive limited edition giclee with the author's certificate and signature). Acquainted with the paintings of the artist can be in the "Central City Tower" - there is constant exposure of the artist.