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Why original prints?
Simon Kojin deals with democratization and popularization of works of art. For example, the picture Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed is one and only, whereas there were a good few of customers willing to acquire this picture at the St. Moritz exhibition. Whats the way out? The pictures copy. There are quite various copying techniques, Seriography and Print being the highest in quality. A print is an authors copy of the picture, signed by the artist.

Each of us is a proprietor and collector in spirit. We want to possess a thing. But art is expensive, art demands large investments.
The way out of this dilemma was found due to modern technologies the original is only one but we can create its copy, thus making a work of art affordable for many. At that we create a copy being worked out with participation of the artist. And it is the artist who provides the highest quality proof of the ready work his/her signature on it.
All our prints are released in limited edition most commonly from 50 to 100 copies are made. After printing, the matrix is destroyed, which serves as a warranty that the edition will not be reproduced. The original is securely protected. Therefore, the original print created by us becomes exclusive and grows in price every year. Can we call the print released this way a work of art? The London Art Gallery answers Yes.
Our modern prints are in many respects akin to the process of engraving dating back to 16 century: in both cases the edition is limited and the author takes most direct participation in the process, each copy being numbered and signed by the artist.
When the issue of choice is in question which original print is to be put into the basket, ask yourself honestly: Do I like this picture? Does it hit me? Dont go by considerations of profitable investments only, reckoning that this or that picture will grow in price more than other ones. Even if others dont share your opinion, you will be in the win, admiring and adoring your acquisition through all your life.
We can guarantee that the prints you get will be as high in quality as the works originally approved by the artist used to be.
Each print is numbered by the artist. Say, if your print has number 76/100, it means that you are the owner of the 76th copy of the print released in total circulation of 100 copies. The copys number doesnt reflect the sequence this print was produced in, and thus does not affect the quality of the work.

Certificate of Authenticity
Besides, each of the prints released by us is approved by the certificate of authenticity.
When delivering the print to the owner, the artist signs the certificate authenticating the work.
The certificate must be stored together with the print acquired. If in future you decide to sell your print and estimate its value for insurance purposes, you will need to produce the certificate for authenticating the work.

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