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Art in the City

Art in the City

Catalogue of public art program of Museum for contemporary art PERMM. Perm, Russia. 2009-2011.

P - stop - a project carried out in the city of Perm .
Decorating stop in Perm Area Karl Marx used painting " Russian hunting ."
P - Stop 2Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, as part of the Public Art Program .
Perm Center for Development of design .
Powered by:Ministry of Culture, Youth and Mass Communications of the Perm region.
Perm Administration .Management of Roads and Transport Administration of the city of Perm.
Members: artists, designers , architectsTotal: 100 stopsCompetition theme : CommunicationCurator of the project :Arseny Sergeyevjury:Hope Kochurova , Deputy. Head of Administration of PermGelman , director of the Museum of Modern Art PERMMArtemy Lebedev , the art director of the Perm Center for Development of designMaxim Keys , Deputy Head of the Department of Roads and Transport Authority PermDmitry Lapshin , architectIvan Kolpakov, editor in chief of the online newspaper "Salt"Project Director , Head of the public art program PERMM:Naila AllahverdievaProject
Coordinator:Margarita Muhmadeeva

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