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Love is carrot 3

Original title: Love-Carrot 3
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2011
Director: Sergei Ginzburg
Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Christina Aguilera, Denis Paramonov, Alina Bulynko, Leah Akhedzhakova, Vladimir Menchov, Alexei Guskov, Vyacheslav Manucharov
Country: United States
Costs: $ 4,000,000
Studio: Fox International Productions
Time: 100 minutes.

In the movie Love carrot 3, the plot is connected with art. The main characters once again changing bodies. The family Golubev - again stir. Without warning them descended mother-in-law - a refined lover of music, poetry and painting, and her father-in-law - a colonel, with all the former military traits. Despite the fact that since the wedding was nearly fifteen years old, my mother does not like Marina Andrew, Andrew and his father did not even hide the fact that dreamed of another daughter. And when the old people run into each other - it was thunder and lightning! And as always, in the most difficult moment on the threshold appears Professor Cohen, a specialist in family problems. The apartment where the family lives Golubev - hang pictures. In the clinic, where he was treated, dashing colonel, hang pictures. Stage a press conference with the "Faberge eggs" starred in the director's office Polonsky, in a tower "Federation" Moscow-City. The scene in the hospital is an example of the use of pictures Kozhina SL in the frame. Freeze Frame Nurse and patient (Vladimir Menshov). This clinic GMS Clinic (LLC "Global Medical Systems) , in the House of the patient hangs with giclee painting Kozhin S.L. "Sunset on the Volga. Gorodets ".


Transmission on the channel Home - "Women do not forgive" - Issue 52, the second episode. The plot is closely connected with art, artists and galleries. This time, the shot hit a few paintings Kozhin S.L. In the frame were: poster painting "Notley Abbey" , the picture "Bobrum. sunrise Pink" , "Apples" etc. The plot - an insidious female revenge man for treason. Source: Watch online on the official website of TV Home

The stage and the show "Women do not forgive" on Channel Home, preregovorov gallerist and art buyer, a representative of the Dutch gallery owner Peter Van Haven. In the hands of a painting by the gallery owner Kozhina SL "Noon. Mediterranean Sea" for a lady in sunglasses and elegant scarf painting Kozhina SL "Morning on the River Serena" and "Tsarina. Summer"

Director: Plato Infante Arana
Original title: Salieri
Thesis Year: 2001
Studio: VGIK. Film Institute.
Still from the film by the artist painted Kozhin S.L. "Hands in the Theater"
Duration: 14:07
Genre: Syurealizm, historical.
Country: Russia