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The book Simon Kozhin - painting, drawing

This book presents a monograph edition devoted to the work
of Simon Kozhin, a contemporary Russian artist. The extensive
illustrative part makes up most of the book. They are the
reproductions of about 270 paintings and over 30 drawings by
Simon Kozhin, as well as a great number of photos and documents
from the artists personal archive. The illustrations are arranged
thematically. The part devoted to the history of some paintings
includes the artists stories about his four canvases how they
were made, exhibited and where their prints were published.
The reference materials include a developed biography of Simon
Kozhin, information about the exhibitions and auctions where his
paintings participated, selected bibliography and other data. The
texts of the book are presented in the Russian and the English

Product Details
Board book: 302 pages
Publisher: Tvorchestvo (2015)
Language: English Russian
ISBN-10: 5000280512
ISBN-13: 978-5000280515
Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.19 pounds

This book was prepared for publishing on the initiative and with participation
of Simon Kozhin
The articles written by:
Tahir Salahov, Alexander Rozhin and Tatiana Tsvetnova
The Work of Simon Kozhin was written and compiled by
Simon Kozhin and Tatiana Tsvetnova
Annotations for The Work of Simon Kozhin were written by
Tatiana Tsvetnova in cooperation with Tatiana Volkova and Yelizaveta Volkova
Artist's Biography and Exhibitions. Auctions. Collections,
as well as Selected Bibliography were written and edited by
Simon Kozhin, Yelizaveta Volkova in cooperation with Tatiana Volkova
Archive documents were selected by
Simon Kozhin
Tatiana Volkova and Yelizaveta Volkova
Literary editors for
The Story of a Picture and Work for Film:
Tatiana Volkova and Yelizaveta Volkova
Dmitry Melnik
Tatiana Lapina
Sergey Potapov
Translation into English:
Iraida Korkelia
Simon Kozhin thanks the following people
for their help in carrying out this project:
Dmitry Safiollin,
Dmitry Magnitov,
Jean-Paul Andrea Periat, President of Herculis Partners SA,
Nikolay Karpenko, Vice-President of Herculis Partners SA,
Leonid Tikhomirov,
Bogdan Nestor,
Christopher Andrew Mouravieff-Apostol

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