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Vesti "Kaluga"

In the gallery "Obraz" an exhibition of paintings "Klykovo. The Four Seasons".
Orthodox Christmas carols played in the opening of this exhibition is not accidental. And not just because they continue yuletide. The paintings, which are presented to the kaluzhan artists, were written during a plein air at the monastery "Holy Face" in the Kozelsk area.

Moscow artist Simon Kozhin in the open air in the Kaluga region visited for the first time. Says: the main steel impression of a resurgent spring, nature and life in the monastery. Abode in the village Klykovo began to build in 1992 with the blessing of spiritual Optina father Elijah. More famous monastery was due lived here farsighted oxbow lake Zipporah. At one of the paintings on display painted house where she lived the righteous.

"It was sent as a guardian angel for us. What we were very pleased and appreciate this. What kind of person we have lived and now is his relics and praying for us. Because this connection is not terminated, "- says the governor of the monastery" Savior "Abbot Michael.

Five plein air for two years. Winter, spring and autumn wizard brush from Kaluga, Maloyaroslavets, Obninsk, Bryansk and Moscow to write a beauty Kozelsky land. And it's not only landscapes and Orthodox shrines, many established and portraits of local residents. Twenty-one artist moved to canvas their impressions. And as noted by the first visitors of the exhibition, there is no gloomy picture.

Nadezhda Beskorovainaya
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