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"Moscow hospitality" gathered guests

"Moscow hospitality" gathered guests
November 25 at the gallery "Russian estate," which on Noviy Arbat in Shopping center "Sphere", was vernissage of the exhibition Moscow hospitality ", organized by producer center writer Sergei Markov, a well-known art critic and gallery owner Olga Ochakovskaya.

At the exhibition were works by artists who literally make up the elite of the Russian classical school of realism. Among them - N. Prisekin, S. Prisekin, E. Danilevskiy, Korotkov, VN Anokhin, I. tricky, A. Evstigneev E. Korneev, S. Troshin, Lappin, S. Smirnov, S. Kozhin, Aldoshin, M. Fayustov, W. Counts, A. and D. Korobkin, A. Long, N. Tretyakov, P. Ryzhenko, Y. Arsenyuk, A. Lysenko (Jr.), S. Kirillov, etc.
Opened the exhibition Sergey Prisekin, pictures of which are the most famous museums of the world, as well as in the Moscow Kremlin. By tradition, the gallery hosted the first presentation of the painting by Lysenko. Was first demonstrated his painting "Procession of Stalingrad" - a huge success! Among the guests were seen by many famous artists, politicians and big businessmen in Russia.
On the opening day was also a charity event in support of homeless animals. The funds collected were transferred to the volunteers Kozhukhovsky orphanage in Moscow


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