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The world as it is


Semen Kozhin. Album / Text O. Zlatoverhovnikova. - Moscow: White City, 2009. - 64 pp.

If the principle of Rodin's cut off from all superfluous marble, apply to painting, he probably would sound like this: take the paint on the canvas and move all the essentials. Apparently, it is this canon and their subordinates to work Kozhin Simon: I wrote it covered with snow "Granatny lane" or shows a gentle and romantic tale by the Brothers Grimm "Rapunzel", trying to recreate the events of the war in 1812 in "crossing the detachment of Denis Davydov" or guessing existential riddles in the "Allegory". It seems that he always had to restrain himself to the canvas did not raise nothing accidental, nothing that would not correspond to reality. Not invented, not constructed by the artist himself, one he understood the rules, but one in which we exist day after day, year after year. We are not calling it without the stimulation of everyday life, not taking the trouble to scrutinize it more closely and see the most ordinary miracles.

And the list of prestigious exhibitions in Moscow and London, Dublin and St. Moritz, and the presence of his paintings in the collections of Buckingham Palace, and interest in his paintings by reputable auctioneers - even if it is sufficiently convincing, but still only the outward signs of success of a young artist . You can lay out on the components of the style and manner Kozhina with a very ramified and sophisticated conceptual apparatus of contemporary art, but hardly a way open your secret appeal of his paintings. The thing is trust, which unaccountably begin to feel for the author, even a cursory look at any of his works. He is not trying to confuse the viewer, shifting the imprinted on our genetic apparatus notions of good and evil, beautiful and ugly. It shows the world as it is, and together with the spectator tries to find in it something that most people seek in this life - the victory of good over evil.

Andrei Borodin

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