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The Oriel Gallery
Sunday 30th of November 2008
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Opening 2pm - 5pm

International Exhibition of the North-East Asian painting, photography, sculpture and Calligraphy.Held in China's Changchun city from August 31 to September 15, 2009.

"Spirit and Reality"


December 3-5, 2009 in the MSTU. Kosygin in Moscow will host an international exhibition-contest "The Spirit and the reality." During the exhibition contest will take place in 4 nominations:
1) painting;
2) photograph;
3) animation;
4) installation.
Works are accepted as full-time and correspondence. In the exhibition is open to all comers, regardless of age and experience.

Participants' works will be judged by professional artists, including Dominique Landuchchi (France), Simon Kozhin (Russia), Hrayr Gharib (Czech Republic) and others. In addition, in evaluating the exhibited works will be attended by spectators and participants themselves. As a result of competition winners will be nominated for the "Prize of the professional jury," Audience Award "and" Prize of participants ".

Special Prize was established Art Gallery "Fusion"

Special Prize in the contest PHOTOGRAPHY - subscribe to seven hours a professionally equipped photographic studio

The main idea of the project "The Spirit and the reality" - the universal language of creation, which is understandable to all people in contact with him, this is the spirit and light, and join the artist in the soul of spectators. One of the highlights of the exhibition - a discussion on "Artist: free the creator of the conductor or another reality?"

The award ceremony will be held December 5 in the MSTU. Kosygin in Moscow.



"Truth is within us, it comes from the outside, however much we do not believe it. As we have treasured center, where there is fullness of truth. Know this - open the door to incarceration in the beauty of us could spill out, and not to construct entrance to the light, which, as we think there - without us "
Robert Browning

In order to take part in the exhibition, you must download the application form, fill it out and send us e-mail:

The "Spirit and Reality - is an exhibition-competition, where judges themselves are the authors of works. Here is the result of creativity is measured not from the perspective of academic canons and stereotypes that grew stratifying for a long time, and given how the vision embodied in the life giving light, causing the beating hearts of people around the world. Since the project is international and involves artists and photographers from Russia, CIS and Europe, creates a unique case - to see and try to understand ..

The exhibition will last three days, during which time you will have the opportunity to visit included in program activities, master classes, to see the creative installation. On the last day of the exhibition will be summed up the competition and each participant will receive a commemorative certificate. Participants who received the highest scores will be awarded prizes and gifts.

So, the Spirit and Reality ... and may the Spirit or Reality?

Press release of the exhibition "Hospitable Moscow"
The world is full of poetry and beauty that we sometimes do not notice.
A lot of Young artist have turned to the theme of Moscow stating with historical reconstructions by V .Vasnetsov , and finishing industrial Moscow by Yuri Pimenov.
You can see pictures of Moscow landscapes with it high-grade history at the exhibition named "Hospitable Moscow". The Artists feature Moscow in such a way that you can suddenly turn out yourselves in the streets of Moscow , and a picturesque view is appearing before your exciting eyes and feelings that you take part in reality Moscow burst out your soul. As hospitable hosts, artists with a sweeping gesture are opening their city in front of you, and all the viewers simply admiring Moscow, feel her unique charm. The exhibition you can see the works of E. Danilewski, S. Smirnov, AV Evstigneev, S.G Prisekin, S. Kozhin, M. Fayustov, N. Anokhin, V. Grafov, A. Lysenko, A. Kozankov, S. Cyril Peninsula , P. Ryzhenko, E. Mukovnin, Mashkov, A. Glushkov.
The Exhibition is opend on November 16, 2010.
Address: Novy Arbat street, building 36 building 3. Trade Center Sphere -1 floor. Gallery Russian Estate tel. +74956907354 Opening hours from 11 to 23 hours daily without the days off. Please before visiting the gallery, for your convenience, make a call to the gallery and make an appointment.
The event is supported by the international informational publisher "Hubners Who is Who"

Press Release
From January 10 to February 15, opened a personal exhibition of the artist Kozhin Simon Leonidovich. The exhibition is in the halls of the Russian Auction House at Crystal Lane Building 1. At the 2nd and 3rd floors. About 200 works by the author in various media and genres. Full-scale studies, genre scenes, animals, portrait, landscape. Work provided by the author and from private collections. It is also well represented bibliography Author: numerous articles in the media, books, postcards, and documents. Opening hours from 9:30 to 18:00. Opening for the guests and the press will be January 25, 2012.