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Simon Kozhin. Care and storage of painting on board with parquet
Care and storage of painting on board with parquet
Care and storage of painting on board with parquet Under normal conditions for boards must follow certain rules if the need for a podnovlenii Board, above all, to refer to a specialist art. Destruction of boards is closely linked to the defects of wood and its processing. Deformation or bowing is the curvature of the boards. Cracks are breaks wood fibres. Except for defects in the original timber processing itself can be seen defects Board-risks undulation, vorsistost′. During the development of the timber planks of fungi and bacteria changes its color and decay. These processes tend to ride with high moisture content. But change the natural color of wood is not only the result of fungi and bacteria. Under the influence of air, heat and light is the so-called chemical okrašennost′ without affecting the quality of the wood. In most cases this oxidation of tannins. One of the most serious damage boards and, consequently, its destruction as defeat maggots Zhukov of grinders and drevogryzunov. These include, first of all, creation of optimum conditions to a specified temperature and humidity. Optimal for painting storage temperature-+ 19-21 c and ideal humidity-50-55% Parketaž-is a mechanical system hold countertop in steady state and providing mobility boards basics-tabletops, caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity Water In all layers that make up the Board, there are micropores (they are visible only when the very strong increase) through which the Board "breathes", i.e. going and vlagoobmen, and if you don't know can hurt her. Therefore, it should be remembered that the Board cannot wipe-either dry or wet rag or towel. Water entering through micropores in the upper, accelerates the disintegration of the Board. For the same reasons be natirat′ or grease paint layer (oil, garlic, etc)-closed pores, and Board stops breathing, starts peeling paint layer. Board, if it is in the permanent storage conditions, even if there are seasonal variations in temperature and humidity, i.e. gradually, without abrupt fluctuations can be preserved and one hundred and two hundred and more years. But when change of temperature and humidity that occurs when a cold linestones, Board can't "respond" to the rapid changes and starts rastreskivat′sâ, often breaking seams, gluing boards. Therefore, the Board recommended store away from open air inlets and heating appliances. Boards are afraid to draughts which lead to the destruction it long and difficult to treat. Fire Often you can see how the Blackboard, picturesque canvas have very close to the fireplace or other sources of heat. Flames from the fireplace, or other source of heat, creates a higher temperature. Constantly, as a rule, the Board is rapid and intense heat. From regular rapid temperature, colorful and protective layers start to vzduvat′sâ. Over time, the caps are broke and the surface Board breaks into pieces. You should consult a specialist in each case different Boards. and it cannot be here to give one universal Council ... Now I want to remember about the problem of very complex, in the worst cases not depending even on our attention. These are wood beetle "točil′ŝikom". The result of its activities-boards with many small holes, sometimes upon becoming already into something razvalivaûŝeesâ, soft, like sponges. Unfortunately, these small dyročki, or overlooked, or prefer to ignore. Meanwhile, the long standing on one place boards, suddenly osypalis′ fine crumbs. To prevent such cases is possible only with a regular inspection of the entire. First of all, cheerleaders must fine wooden dust appears regularly under the Board. Often, at night you can hear Squeak in infected message boards. The problem is actually extremely serious, laborious and difficult solvable. Do not try spraying on dihlofosom, or add other pesticides. Still poisonous substances deeper than 5 mm. Enter the tree will not be able to, but will the colorful layer strongest harm. In case of infection or stretcher, consult a specialist art, who will be able to determine the type of beetle, degree of contamination of the image and what measures you can save wood. If you do not have this capability, you can do it all yourself-this vymorozit′ population, without damaging the Board a sharp drop in temperature. Damaged Board is placed in a plastic bag GRADUALLY cools down: first for the week is put in the fridge (+ 4-5 )-then Board is placed in the freezer (4-5 ), a week in the freezer temperature (-18-20 ) on one, two months. Then, even more slowly, but two weeks, "sogrevaetsâ '".