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Simon Kozhin. Service to confirm the authenticity of the picture
Service to confirm the authenticity of the picture
When buying a picture, you need to make sure the original is either a fake. In such cases, as a rule, they resort to the help of specialists, because you yourself can not determine its authenticity. Applying to us, you can get a document confirming the authenticity of the work of Kozhin S.L. From the author, you can also receive provenance (the history of exhibitions and publications) of the work and its evaluation. You can also assess the condition of the picture, whether it is in good condition or in need of restoration before selling. It is advisable not to stint and still order an examination from a professional. The price can be negotiated (usually 2-3% of the cost of the picture). Art lovers suffer losses of hundreds of thousands, but all because experts are very often mistaken, and at the same time do not bear any financial responsibility. This big problem in the art market could be solved if there was an opportunity to insure against mistakes. But insurance companies refuse to provide services in this area, as they themselves incur losses. Legalize the reliability of the assessment of the picture, too, does not work - the legislative base on this issue is not fully formed. But the authenticity of works of art can confirm documents such as reviews of experts at the Ministry of Culture, ratings of specialists of national heritage, confirmation of the authenticity of paintings from their author in the form of a document confirming authenticity, certificates for antiques from galleries and auction houses. If you decide to buy a painting, then be sure to ask for documents confirming its authenticity. Do not skimp on the expert evaluation, otherwise you will suffer much greater losses.